Contact and Delivery

Jumbo® Bait Company's facility for US distribution is located in central New York state, with easy access to Route 81.  All US shipments originate at this location and provide fast transit times for both pickups and delivery.  Our products are packaged at our headquarters in Hamilton, Ontario, and transported to our New York location for distribution.  When your order is shipped, it is shipped from within the United States.  This eliminates potential customs delays, and unknown shipping times.  You will never be responsible for import fees after the fact, and live delivery is always guaranteed.

Distribution center hours are 9 AM to 5 PM, seven days a week. Open every day for dealer pickups! It is always best to phone or email first to insure availability of desired products.

The easiest method of receiving your order is simply to have it shipped

Transit times for shipment via Ground service approximately follows this map:FedEx transit times

Yellow and green areas served by one or two day ground service, respectively. Freight cost for a Sixtypack as of April, 2013 is $14.71 per case for one day service and $16.89 per case for two-day delivery. Service to the red area is $19.22 per Sixtypack. Service to states in black is by custom quote.  Email your ZIP code to order (at) jumbobait (dot) com.  Live delivery is guaranteed.

F-450 reeferF-650 reeferRefrigerated truck delivery is available for quantities of 50 cases or more.. Our equipment can handle from 50 to 200 cases and also 200 to 450 cases, all with a full live delivery guarantee. Freight cost is much lower per case than ground shipments and can amount to substantial savings on larger orders. Please call or email for further details, pricing, and delivery scheduling.

Jumbo® Bait Company, U.S.
800-227-2248 (phone and fax) 24/7
order (at) jumbobait (dot) com

All products are barcoded for easy inventory management.

The code prefix for Jumbo® Bait Company is 678358.