Frequently Asked Questions:

1. How will my order be shipped? Jumbo® Bait Company will package your order in a heavy duty white shipping carton with foam insulation, one case per carton. Combined with the durable nature of our retail containers, this creates a protected shipping environment for the bait. Because of this advanced packing procedure, damage during shipment is rare. Each insulated carton will weigh between 23 and 29 pounds.

Ground delivery service is used for most shipments. Your shipment will leave our warehouse cooler at approximately 6:30 PM local time. Most orders are delivered either on the next day, or the second day. Live delivery is guaranteed.

Large orders (30 cases or more) can be delivered by refrigerated truck direct to your location, or via air freight to major airports. (Freight charge depends upon distance involved.)

2How much will I be paying for freight? Each shipping carton will hold one case of Jumbo® Nightcrawlers, Jumbo® Dillies or Jumbo® Red Trout Worms. Each case contains 60 retail containers of product (called a sixtypack). Each shipping carton measures 20" x 16" x 12" high and weighs generally under 30 pounds. Ground shipping service can be used if transit time is two days or less. Two Day Air is required for (ground) transit time of 3 days or more. Ground service offers exceptional speed east of the Mississippi. Freight rates will vary by distance and speed of service required. Two day air service can substantially higher for distant customers. As all Jumbo® products offer considerable shelf life (5 weeks), please consider pickup as another method for saving freight cost. See #3 below.

3.  Do I get a discount if I pick up my order at your location? Absolutely! Jumbo® Bait Company's US distribution is located in Endicott, New York, in the center of the state.  We are easily accessible from Interstate Route 81. The advantage in picking up your order is that freight charges that would normally be added to your invoice are excluded. On larger orders (or orders requiring air shipment because of distance or temperature) the savings can be substantial and can include bulk purchase discounts beyond freight savings. Please call for details. We are open seven days a week for pickups.

4. How do I get pricing information on Jumbo® products? You can download a wholesale price sheet here (Adobe Acrobat required).

5. I am interested in receiving my order of Jumbo® packaged bait by Air Freight. How can I estimate the freight cost? Jumbo® Bait Company ships from Toronto Pearson International Airport to locations worldwide. Contact the airport of your choosing to determine schedules and rates to that airport from Toronto. All carriers serving Toronto can be used. You can calculate weight at 18 to 25 pounds per case of 60 containers (sixtypack). Best economy is had for shipments of pallet-ready quantities of 20 to 60 cases. Jumbo Bait Company will handle all customs and import paperwork.

6. Can I get emergency overnight shipments?Yes. Timing of your order is important. We ship most orders Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. If you wait too late in the week to place your order, shipment may have to be delayed to the next week.

7. Can I get Jumbo® products packaged in quantities other than what is listed?  Jumbo® packs Canadian Nightcrawlers, Dillies, Red Trout Worms and Mealworms in retail containers of 12, 18, 24 and 24 worms respectively.  Jumbo® Bait Company has extensively researched these quantities.   For example:  We have determined that the average buyer is nearly twice as likely to purchase a second container of product when the quantity is 24 rather than 25.  There are probably many reasons for this, but consumer buying habits that influence such choices remain powerfully ingrained in the mind of the buyer.  Jumbo® Bait Company has determined the package quantities based on several factors including the size of each container.  Just as important is the desire to have your customer buy more than one.  For these reasons, our package quantities are fixed.